Outfitting Your Patio for Spring

  • How To Take Care Of Your Concrete Countertops

    21 March 2018

    Concrete countertops are becoming a very popular option for many homeowners. If you have decided that you would like some concrete countertops in your kitchen, you will want to make sure that you are very well versed in how to take care of them. This way, you will be able to enjoy them for many years to come. Here is some advice that you will want to keep in mind:

  • Tips For Giving Your Furniture New Life

    26 January 2018

    Before you throw out your older furniture, you might want to consider how you might be able to make it look a lot better so you can still get plenty of use out of it. Just because a piece of furniture looks worn out or is no longer something that fits with the style of the room or the entire home, it does not mean you have to get rid of it.

  • How To Artifially Age A Bedroom Dresser

    23 January 2018

    If you don't have the money to purchase a beautiful antique dresser for your bedroom, but you still desire the look of an authentic antique dresser and you are not afraid of doing a bit of creative work, then you can certainly make it happen. All you need to do is get a list of supplies together and then set aside two days in which you will be able to do some work on the dresser.

  • How To Make Memory Foam Mattresses Cooler

    2 November 2017

    If you want to upgrade a mattress,  a memory foam mattress. A memory foam mattress adjusts to your body shape by using a high-density foam. However, a common problem with memory foam mattresses is they can trap extra heat making sleeping on them uncomfortable. This happens because memory foam has air bubbles. Luckily, you can fix the problem of too much heat, and cool down your memory foam mattress by following these steps.

  • New To Staging Your Home? 4 Furniture Tips To Do It Well Yourself

    10 October 2017

    Staging your home when trying to sell it can be the key to a quick sale and a better price. But, if you're not a professional interior designer, how can you know what to do with your furniture when staging it? Here are four tips for any house: Bring in Better Pieces. If your furniture is old and worn or if the pets have had their day with it, it's a good idea to remove it and bring in some better pieces.

  • 5 Tips For Choosing A Living Room Sofa

    13 September 2017

    The sofa is the centerpiece of your living room. It's possibly the largest seating in the house, so you'll probably entertain guests here. The sofa may also provide your prime lounging spot. As such, choosing the right sofa is an important task when you go shopping at places like Chris Furniture Inc. The following tips will help you choose a sofa that meshes well with your living room and lifestyle.

  • 5 Ways For Empty-Nesters To Give Their Homes An Upscale Ambiance

    11 August 2017

    If your last child is in the process of packing up to leave for college, you're probably experiencing a mixture of sadness and excitement -- after all, you've raised your family well, and now is the time for you to relax and enjoy the company of your spouse. Naturally, you'll want to keep the kids' rooms intact so they'll have a place to land for breaks from school and other visits, but this is a perfect time to give the rest of your home interior the facelift you've been longing to provide it with for years.