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4 Things To Consider Before Buying A Reclining Sofa

by Anne Wells

The sofa could easily be referred to as the centerpiece of the family room, living room, or den. This large seating furniture is built for comfort and function, but a reclining sofa has that little something extra to offer. Just like a standard reclining chair, these couches have extendable footrests built right in so whoever is seated can truly stretch out and relax. If you plan to buy a reclining sofa for your home, there are a few important things to consider before you get started checking out the available models. 

1. What type of reclining mechanisms do you want?

Do you prefer a push-button reclining mechanism? Or, would you rather have a standard reclining mechanism with a lever that you turn on the side of the sofa? Consider what you would prefer and look for models that have those features. Keep in mind recliners with handles or levers can take up just a bit more space. 

2. Do you prefer three seats or a center console?

The standard for most sofas is three seats. However, some recliner-style couches will have two seats only with a center console between that doubles as an armrest for both people who are seated and possibly a storage spot. You can find some models outfitted with everything from cupholders to hidden compartments in the center console.

3. Who will be using the reclining sofa the most?

This may seem like an odd thing to consider, but it really is an important factor. If it will be the adults in the house, you can probably get by with certain materials. If the sofa will be primarily for guests who stop in for a visit, you may want materials that are easy to clean and keep sanitized. If the kids will be using the seating the most, you may need something simple in form and with upholstery that is simple to wipe down as needed. 

4. How much space do you have in the room?

A sofa with integrated recliners can be bigger than a standard sofa. Plus, you need room for the recliners to fully come out of the sofa when needed without cluttering your space. Before you start shopping for the sofa you want, get some general measurements of the room where the furniture will be placed. Compare your measurements to those models you see available to make sure you will have enough space.