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Choices To Compare When You're Shopping For A Dining Table Set At The Furniture Store

by Anne Wells

When you move to a larger home with a formal dining room, you'll want to choose the perfect dining table. There are so many options in a dining table store that it's often difficult to make up your mind. Here are some table styles to consider.

Think About A Classic Solid Wood Table

If you want a high-quality table that lasts for many years, then choose solid wood. Solid wood doesn't need a whole lot of care, and it has a sturdy feel and beauty that can't be matched with other materials. A solid wood dining table has a classic look that goes with many kinds of décor so it's easy to blend into your home. However, if you're going for a more modern type of décor, you may want to avoid wood altogether.

Consider A Mid-Century Table

Mid-century furniture is gaining in popularity. You might want a dining set made of plastic and metal from of the fifties or sixties. These tables have a trendy look, and it's possible they'll go out of style, but if you like to change your décor along with trends, then looking for a dining table made of something other than solid wood or looking for a wood table with mid-century lines could be what you want.

Look Into Alternative Tops

Glass dining room tables have an interesting look in your home, and since they are transparent, they fit well in a small room without looking crowded. Another option you might consider in a table is a stone top such as granite or marble. These tables are sturdy and attractive, and you'll want to care for these surfaces the same way you do a stone countertop. These tables can be a little noisy as plates hit and scrape against the stone, but they make up for that downfall with their beauty.

Decide On A Shape

You can choose a round, oval, square, or rectangular table. Your choice is determined somewhat by the size of your dining room since it could be difficult to fit a rectangular table in a small room. However, you always have the option to buy a table with a leaf so it's smaller for daily use and then can be made longer when you have company.

Select The Chairs Too

The dining chairs will accent the table and complete the look. If you have small children, you might want bench seating at a farmhouse-style table. You might want chairs with luxurious upholstery and carved wood, or you may prefer simple chairs of molded plastic. Besides choosing the material such as wood, plastic, metal, or upholstery, you can also choose the color of the chairs or benches, so you can get creative with your dining room and create a space your family loves and guests admire.