Outfitting Your Patio for Spring

Are You Decorating A Large Dining Room In A Rustic Way?

by Anne Wells

If you have a very large dining room as part of your new house, that probably means that the rest of your house is large too, doesn't it? That more than likely means that you either have a large family or that you love entertaining. Or, it might mean both of those things. Either way, have you already decorated it? If not, do you already know that you want to establish a rustic setting in your large dining room? 

From selecting lodge dining room furniture to choosing the accent decorating pieces, here are some ideas that might help you to establish an attractive setting that your family and friends will enjoy over the years.

Lodge Dining Room Furniture - Have you been to the dining room in a lodge, say at Yellowstone National Park or at another famous lodge? If so, maybe that's where you got the idea to decorate your own dining room in a rustic way. If you want a totally rustic style, consider buying furniture that looks like it is made completely of barely finished logs. Maybe you want a contemporary rustic feeling. If that's the case, choose a dining room table and chairs that are made of unfinished wood. Choose a sleek and simple design for the contemporary look you want. 

Maybe you want the sleek modern design, but you want to add pizzaz to it. In that case, consider the raw wood black or even red or turquoise. That would certainly give your lodge dining room furniture a dramatic look.

​Accent Decorating Pieces - Think of what you'll do for your wall decor and for the floor decor. For instance, if you went with a very rustic feeling with using log-type furniture, consider framing pictures of nature in rustic wooden frames. If you went with the raw furniture in a contemporary style, think of framing pictures of nature in sleek wooden frames. If you went with painted furniture, go with frames the same color of the paint you selected for the table and chairs.

Think of buying an area rug to go under your table and chairs. if you are wanting to keep a very rustic feeling in the room, go with furry fabric for the area rug. If you want something more contemporary, think of buying a striped rug that will complement the color of the contemporary wooden furniture you selected.

Reach out to a dealer of lodge dining room furniture to get started.