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2019 Furniture Trends To Help Your Home Stand Out As A Vacation Rental Option

by Anne Wells

If you want to list your house on a vacation rental site, it helps to have a stylish home. Achieving a stylish home may require you to invest in some new furniture. Here are three of the top furniture trends in 2019 you can use to make your home look more stylish and on trend when you list it on a vacation rental site.

#1 Oxidized Oak

Furniture trends are moving away from all white furniture. Currently, trends are moving back to the black, with oxidized oak gaining in popularity. Oxidized oak can be a modern and comfortable feeling to your space; the oxidized color creates clean black lines in your space. The oak wood grain that shows through the oxidization helps bring a more comfortable and down-home feel to a modern piece.

Look for oxidized oak coffee tables, end tables, and bookshelves. Alternatively, if you have some wood furniture in your home, you can hire a custom furniture maker to oxidize those pieces for you. By simply changing the furniture, you already have an affordable way to take advantage of this trend.

#2 Luxury Oversized Headboards

Big headboards are back in. One of the most popular big headboard trends are headboards that are made from fabric. These are lots of ways to go with this trend, and it's highly customizable as long as you go with an oversized headboard with a fabric base.

Jewel tones are particularly trendy for bedrooms right now. Deep jewel tones are a great way to add some color and variety to a modern bedroom. Pair a jewel-covered headboard with a grey tones bedspread and some trendy white nightstands.

#3 Handcrafted Style

Finally, add some handcrafted style to your home. Everything in your home should not look like you ordered it out of a furniture magazine. In your living room, add a uniquely created and customized piece to your space.

For example, you could add a custom chair to your living room. Or you can add a unique coffee table. Or you can add a restored desk. The point is to add at least one custom made piece that shows that you value the handcrafted, not just the mass produced.

Make sure the photos you post on the vacation rental site show off a stylish home that people will want to pay money to rent. The key to style in 2019 is combining custom furniture with a modern look.