Outfitting Your Patio for Spring

Are You Redecorating Your Living Room?

by Anne Wells

Have you decided that now is the perfect time to give your living room a new look? With Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays almost here, you may be planning those different events. Of course, you'll want your living room to be picture-perfect, right? You've probably even already envisioned your beautiful Christmas tree standing proudly in your redecorated living room. From choosing a new color of paint for the living room walls to selecting new furniture upholstery, here are some ideas that might help you to design a living room that could appear in a home and garden magazine.

The Wall Paint

Isn't it amazing how a new color of paint can change the appearance of a room? If you are happy with the present paint color, you're all set. However, if you are wanting to change the mood in your living room, selecting a different color of paint might be a great way to do that. For example, if you want more drama in the living room, consider selecting bold colors for your paint. Or, you could even select just one accent wall to be painted. Don't be afraid to try something like brick red or turquoise, either on all of the walls or on just one wall. If you want a more mellow mood, consider very soft colors. Just think of your favorite color and tone it down. For example, if your favorite color is purple, but you don't want anything that dramatic in the living room, consider a very light shade of lavender.

The Furniture Upholstery

Another way to give your living room a new look is by selecting new upholstery for your existing furniture. Again, go with the mood you want to set. If you selected a very bright color, think of choosing a more neutral shade for your upholstery, or add colored throw pillows that complement the color of the paint. If you went with a soft color, think of using upholstery fabric that has at least some splashes of color in it. For instance, if you went with the light lavender for your wall paint, a floral design with soft mocha, a darker shade of lavender, and metallic gold would probably add pizzaz to your living room. You have probably already learned that upholstering fabric is not that inexpensive. However, selecting new furniture upholstery will still more than likely be less expensive than buying totally new furniture.