Outfitting Your Patio for Spring

Purchase A Sectional Sofa, Tables, And Serving Trays To Use During Movies And Homemade Meals

by Anne Wells

Enjoying movies and a homemade meal may be what you consider the ideal scenario for a weekend night, but if your living room is lacking comfortable and functional furniture, you may push family gatherings to the back burner. Trade in the threadbare couch and ancient rocking chair that you own for stylish and functional new living room furniture. After the changes, invite your loved ones to watch some new flicks while feasting. 

Choose A Sectional Sofa

A sectional sofa will provide plenty of seating room and may even allow those with sore legs to sit back and elevate their muscles if the sectional comes with a built-in recliner.

The size of your family, how often the furnishing will be used, and the activities that will be performed while seated on the furnishing may influence you when choosing a specific model. Walk through a furniture showroom and sit down on several different models to experience the firmness and comfort factor of each model.

Since you are welcoming the idea of food being consumed while watching some movies, choose a sectional sofa that is covered in fabric that is easy to maintain. The last thing you will want to contend with is cleaning up crumbs and treating stains that are embedded deeply in fabric that is delicate. Also consider a sectional that has fold down tables and cup holders if these options will be beneficial for you and your family's needs. 

Add Tables And Trays

If you currently don't have any tables in the living room, you can purchase serving trays that are collapsible so that you can serve food or you can select small end tables and place one on each side of the sectional sofa that you buy. If you decide to buy tables, you can buy separate serving trays that do not contain a base.

After each person has eaten their meal, they can set their tray on the table that is closest to where they are seated. This will eliminate disruptions and prevent the need to hold onto a tray throughout the duration of a movie. 

Make Your Plans

Be creative when making plans for the first movie night. Perhaps, you can prepare a handwritten menu and provide each of your family members with a copy. List the food and viewing selections that you have chosen for the evening. After preparing the meal, request that everyone sits down in the living room on the new sectional sofa. Place one meal on each tray and start the movie right before seating yourself.