Outfitting Your Patio for Spring

Have Matchy-Matchy Furniture? Tips To Update Your Room

by Anne Wells

Are you looking to update your furniture sets? One aspect to consider when redecorating and refurnishing is if you currently have a matchy-matchy room. A matchy-matchy room is simply one that uses the same colors, textures, or furniture sets in excess.

Obviously, you want a cohesive look, but matchy-matchy rooms tend to be boring and have no accent pieces. Here are a few tips to help you avoid this problem when you redecorate and buy new furniture sets.

Mix and Match Your Furniture Sets

The temptation is to buy a headboard, dresser, desk, nightstand, etc. of the same set. Limit yourself to two or three items if you have to, but don't buy furniture from just one set. If the furniture is very dark, the room will look incredible cramped and weighted, while too much light-colored furniture will make a room look cold and dull. When you go to the store, take a picture of two or three sets that you like and see if pieces from those sets could mix and match.

If your heart is set on just one furniture set, don't despair; consider mixing and matching textures and colors. For instance, you could get a dresser and a headboard from the same set, but pick the headboard in a different stain or an accent color. Try to pick furniture that has built-in texture accents—like furniture that uses a mix of plastics, wood, and metal.

Check the Value Composition of Your Room

If you only have the budget for a few pieces of furniture, you'll want to fix the areas that are the most matchy-matchy. A good way to check for these areas is to assess the value composition of a room. A value composition is often used by artists to see how light and dark components complement one another. Before painting a piece of art in color, an artist will create it in grayscale.

Use your phone or a camera and apply a gray-scale filter. Up the saturation and the brightness to really see the differences; then, take a picture of your room. You might see an area where the furniture is too dark and overpowering; you might see an area where all the furniture seems to fade into the walls.

Once you know which areas of the bedroom need updating, then you can not only pick replacement furniture, you can consider painting the walls to break up too-dark or too-white space.

Use Pillows and Other Textiles

Again, if you are on a budget and can only replace a few pieces, then you can disguise other matchy-matchy areas with layering techniques. Layering is simply where you use textiles to build up certain areas of the room and break up blocky spaces of color.

For instance, if you have a large table, why not add a table runner down the middle? Do you have a matchy-matchy headboard? Update the pillows and stack them high to break up this space.

Consult the Professionals

Even if you keep the previous tips in mind, it can sometimes be overwhelming to make decisions with furniture investments. Consider talking with an interior designer for tips. He or she can help you spice up a matchy-matchy bedroom by shifting the furniture arrangement, incorporating indoor plants and lamps, adding window treatments, etc.

It's a good idea to bring pictures of your current room when you go furniture shopping. Not only will you be able to better match new furniture, but a professional at the store can provide advice as well. He or she will be familiar with all the inventory and point you in the right direction to narrow your search.