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3 Tips To Guide You In Designing Your Bedroom

by Anne Wells

Your bedrooms should be your personal sanitary, where you go to rest, rejuvenate, and enjoy some personal space. The furniture that you select for your bedroom will either help or take away from this goal.

The Size of Your Bedroom

The size of your bedroom plays a large role in the type of furniture that you can and should select for your bedroom. If your bedroom is on the smaller side, you are going to want to go with smaller furniture or fewer pieces so that the space doesn't feel overwhelmed.

If the bedroom is on the bigger side, you will have more flexibility in choosing pieces of furniture for your space. At the same time, you still don't want to overwhelm the space with pieces that are too big or overwhelming.

The Colors You Like

Second, think about the colors that you really like. You don't have to go with neutral colors in your bedroom. Your bedroom is a personal space so have some fun with it. If purple is your favorite color, choose a fun and funky purple headboard, or bring in the purple through a few select art pieces.

You can use your favorite colors to highlight and pull your room together through decorations, or you can choose furniture that reflects your color preferences. Don't be afraid to go bold or funky with your bedroom; this is your personal space and should feel like that.

Think About Storage Space

As you purchase furniture for your bedroom, think about unique ways to use and save space. A great way to save space is with your bed. You can purchase a bedroom that has drawers under it, allowing you to get some organized storage space out of one of the biggest pieces of furniture in your bedroom.

If you want a bookshelf, don't use up square footage on the floor. Instead, install bookshelves on your wall or install some bookshelves above your bed as a headboard. Think creatively about space, and use your wall space not just for decorations, but as a functional storage space as well.

Choose a Style

Finally, choose a style that you really like to bring your bedroom together. Love the look of a farmhouse? Go with some painted second-hand furniture. Love sleek, smooth lines? Indulge in some modern furniture with smooth lines and shapes to bring your bedroom together.

Your bedroom furniture does not have to be cookie-cutter. Incorporate furniture from your favorite style of design in your bedroom.

When creating a personal bedroom space, be aware of the size of your room, and choose furniture that will not overwhelm the space. Add storage in unique ways, like bookshelves and coat hangers on your walls, and a bed frame that providers for storage opportunities.

Choose a style of design, and purchase one or two signature pieces for your bedroom. Don't be afraid to have fun with color, this is your personal space after all!