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3 Of The More Common Furniture Restoration Questions

by Anne Wells

When your furniture starts to age and become worn, you may want to take steps to restore the condition of the furniture. However, it is common for homeowners to lack much of the information that they need to navigate the process of restoring their furniture effectively.

1. Is Completely Replacing The Upholstery The Only Way To Restore Your Furniture's Appearance?

It is often thought that it will always be necessary to completely replace the upholstery in order to restore worn furniture. While this is one viable option, the damage to the furniture may not always be severe enough to warrant this drastic step. In fact, a professional steam cleaning may be able to restore enough of the upholstery appearance to avoid this need. For this reason, you may want to act quickly when you notice your upholstery becoming soil or otherwise worn as this may reduce the need to have new upholstery applied.

2. Can Structural Issues With The Furniture Be Addressed?

As your furniture ages, it can be common for it to start to develop a variety of structural issues. One of the more common issues that can arise will be the legs of the furniture becoming unsteady. This is a problem that will likely worsen as time passes, and it can make the furniture increasingly unsafe to use.

A furniture restoration service will be able to identify the issue that is causing the stability issues so that corrective steps can be taken. In many instances, this part of the process may only involve applying adhesive to stabilize the leg. However, it can be far more involved as the damage to the leg can be severe enough to require it to be replaced.

3. How Do You Care For Your Newly-Restored Furniture?

After you have invested the time and money into restoring your furniture, it will be important to take the time to ensure that the furniture is properly maintained. For example, you may not have previously realized that the sun can be extremely harsh on leather and cloth upholstery. Over the years, the sun will degrade the pigments and weaken the fabric. Moving furniture out of the direct sunlight can dramatically extend its usable life.

Also, regularly cleaning the furniture is another important step as it will reduce the prevalence of staining and remove foul odors from the fabric. While adjusting to caring for your newly restored furniture can be a process, it can be worth it for maximizing the use that you can get from your favorite pieces of furniture.

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