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4 Unique Ways To Decorate With Old Wood Bookcases

by Anne Wells

Old wood bookcases are easy to find in antique shops and consignment stores. You may even have one or two sitting in your house right now. If you have a lot of books, then you have an obvious use for these bookshelves, but what if you are not a dedicated book collector? There are still plenty of fun ways to decorate with old wooden book shelves. Here are a few of them. 

1. Make displays with the few books you do have.

If you have even two or three books, you can use the book shelf to display them. Create a separate display around each book. For instance, if you have a book about flowers, you could place that book, a vase with a single plastic flower, and maybe some flowered coasters together in a little arrangement on the bookshelf. On a separate shelf, you can place a book about the beach, a few seashells, and a vial of sand. Think creatively about the subject matter of each book to design a viable display.

2. Paint the back of the bookshelf for a colorful display.

Natural wood does not always coordinate perfectly with every room. If you want to add some color to your space, consider painting just the back surfaces of the bookshelf, but not the shelves themselves. This approach can add a splash of color to your room without being overwhelming. You can then decorate with your preferred knickknacks on the shelf.

3. Store scarves and other clothing accessories.

If you have a lot of scarves and other clothing accessories, consider displaying them on a bookshelf. You can even install a few hooks on one side of the shelf for items that are better hung than folded and stacked. This allows your beautiful items to be enjoyed when they are stored, and not just when you are wearing them. 

4. Cover the bookshelf with a cloth.

Another approach is to hide the bookshelf, but use its structure as the base for your design. Drape a tapestry over it to hide the shelf, and then place small decor items on top of the tapestry as accents. You can also use a solid-colored sheet, rather than a tapestry, to get a more modern look. 

Head to your local furniture store, like Affordable Wood Bookcases, and look for an old wood bookshelf. You will love the character it adds to your space, no matter how you choose to use it.