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How To Make Memory Foam Mattresses Cooler

by Anne Wells

If you want to upgrade a mattress,  a memory foam mattress. A memory foam mattress adjusts to your body shape by using a high-density foam.

However, a common problem with memory foam mattresses is they can trap extra heat making sleeping on them uncomfortable. This happens because memory foam has air bubbles.

Luckily, you can fix the problem of too much heat, and cool down your memory foam mattress by following these steps.

Add a Bed Fan or Reduce Heat

Place a bed fan at the foot of the bed to allow air to circulate through the covers. A ceiling fan can be used in the same manner.

If it is too cool for a fan, consider turning down the thermostat a degree or two. Program it to lower the temperature about thirty minutes before you go to bed.

Adjust Materials on the Top of the Mattress

Sometimes, the solution to cooling your mattress can be a simple change of bedding material on top of the mattress. Toss the polyester sheets, down comforters, fleece, and plastic materials that trap heat. Replace them with 100% wool or cotton materials.

Cotton fabric is breathable, which cools the skin. Be aware sheets with high thread counts may prevent air flow. Some other alternatives for cotton and wool include sateen (an inexpensive imitation silk), jersey, and bamboo. Also, try sleeping in cotton, wool, or sateen night clothes to stay even cooler.

Add a Water Pillow, Pad or Cover

If your head stays hot, consider using a water bed pillow .A water bed pillow has a layer of polyester filler, and it allows you to adjust height and water level. 

Don't sleep on a bare mattress. Pair the wool or cotton sheets with a cotton or wool mattress pad and cover. Pads and covers provide an additional layer between you and the mattress.

Check the Platform on the Bottom

Does the mattress sit on a solid plywood platform? A solid platform under the mattress is a common cause of heat getting trapped in the mattress.

Change the solid platform to slatted, or remove the box springs, and insert slats on a metal frame. If the frame can't be modified, consider exchanging it for a slatted platform.

Choose the Right Memory Foam Density

The thickness of memory foam can impact the ability of body contouring. The density of foam mattresses is measured in cubic feet.The ideal density is a moderate density of 3.5 and 5 pounds of foam per cubic foot. Low-density memory foam may cool well, but they won't provide needed support.