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New To Staging Your Home? 4 Furniture Tips To Do It Well Yourself

by Anne Wells

Staging your home when trying to sell it can be the key to a quick sale and a better price. But, if you're not a professional interior designer, how can you know what to do with your furniture when staging it? Here are four tips for any house:

Bring in Better Pieces. If your furniture is old and worn or if the pets have had their day with it, it's a good idea to remove it and bring in some better pieces. This doesn't mean you have to buy expensive new furniture, though. Consignment furniture is a great compromise between saving money and improving the staging. And it's often a better deal cost-wise than renting pieces of furniture. Look for a few consignment pieces that reflect the attitude and style you want your staging to convey. 

Pare Down.  Most homeowners have accumulated a lot of stuff over the years. But, when staging a house for sale, you should generally consider removing at least half of what's in a house. One great way to pare down is to remove multiple pieces of the same type of furniture, resulting in a single sofa or table rather than several. Fewer items will help rooms look and feel larger and will aid in the new owners seeing their own lives in this same house. You can always rent a storage unit off-site to hold your belongings until the house has been sold. 

Try Slim Furnishings. When looking at a few consignment pieces of furniture, look for slimmer and smaller variations on standard room furniture. Sofas, chairs, and tables that feature slim legs rather than a bulk that extends to the floor reduce the visual weight and footprint of the furniture and therefore make the area look larger. Avoid oversize, stuffed, upholstered furniture and opt for clean lines and solid colors. 

Let in the Light. Natural lighting—and to a lesser extent, artificial lights—make rooms look cleaner and larger. So, open up your windows by removing any blocking furniture. Replace heavy window treatments with lighter, gauzier versions. And bring in some floor or desk lamps if the lighting is lacking in any particular room. Turn them all on when people are looking at the home. 

Spending some time deciding which furniture you can replace with newer versions from a consignment store and how you can make rooms look larger will undoubtedly help you make a better, more stress-free sale. Contact a company like Surroundings Fine Consignments For Your Home for more information and assistance.