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5 Tips For Choosing A Living Room Sofa

by Anne Wells

The sofa is the centerpiece of your living room. It's possibly the largest seating in the house, so you'll probably entertain guests here. The sofa may also provide your prime lounging spot. As such, choosing the right sofa is an important task when you go shopping at places like Chris Furniture Inc. The following tips will help you choose a sofa that meshes well with your living room and lifestyle.

Think About a Color Palette

Since it's the largest piece of furniture, the sofa has a lot of visual weight in the living room. It should be a centerpiece of your color palette. The upholstery can even provide the inspiration for your palette. At minimum, the other fabric items in your décor, such as accent chairs and throw pillows, should match the sofa upholstery.

Look into the Fabric

Besides the colors featured in the pattern, the upholstery itself is an important consideration. Cotton and linen are both durable fabrics, but they do need to be treated for stain resistance. Cotton velvet does wear well, though. Synthetic microfiber is also durable and stain resistant. You can even choose synthetic microfiber that mimics another material, such as cotton velvet.

Get a Good Size

Perhaps one of the biggest decisions in choosing your sofa is its size. The dimensions of your living room are essential — if your room is petite, you want to scale down all the furniture, including the sofa. However, if you have the space, House Beautiful recommends a sofa that's at least 90 inches long and 40 inches deep. Those dimensions allow for napping and curling up on the sofa.

Consider a Sectional

In that vein, you may want to go for a sectional. A sectional sofa provides the majority, if not all, of the seating in your living room. The dimensions are ideal for lounging and for entertaining — or even both at the same time. Indeed, some models feature a lengthened lounge space. A sectional tends to look more casual, so it may not be ideal for a formal living room. However, the comfort factor definitely makes sense for a family room.

Feel for Springs

Your sofa isn't going to feel comfortable if the springs aren't good. Most sofas feature serpentine springs that provide the inner framework of the sofa's support system. Sit on the sofa, and feel for the springs. They should feel close together and firm. Likewise, sit down hard on a corner of the sofa and listen for any squeaking or creaking. That can indicate the springs are hitting the frame, which can cause problems down the line.

Choose a sofa that's going to provide comfort in your living room and your life.