Outfitting Your Patio for Spring

Five Simple Ways To Give Your Bedroom A Traditional Look

by Anne Wells

Do you love that quaint, traditional look with ruffles, soft colors, and smooth lines? You don't have to give your bedroom a complete makeover in order to achieve a more traditional look. Here are five ways to give any bedroom a more traditional appearance.

Add some smaller furniture.

If you look through photos of more modern bedrooms, you'll notice one key way in which they differ from more classic bedrooms: the amount of furniture. Modern bedrooms tend to have a few big pieces of furniture, while traditional bedrooms feature more small, clutter-like furniture like end tables and stools. Invest in a few small tables, ottomans, and the like and add them to your decor. Look for wooden bedroom furniture, in particular, as this has a very classic feel.

Choose a few traditional pieces of wall art.

A single cross-stitched piece or an old fashioned, wood-framed painting of a flower can make a whole room feel more traditional. Visit consignment stores, antique shops, and even local art shows to find a few pieces of wall art for your bedroom. Focus on choosing pieces with light, pastel colors and a lot of neutral tones.

Hang your drapes on old-fashioned curtain rods.

The new-style curtains that feature grommets across the top and hand on wide rods look decidedly modern. So do blinds and most shades. If you want to give your bedroom a more traditional look, find some long drapes, and hang them on traditional, metal curtain rods. Curtains in a paisley or flower pattern are a good choice, and so are those in lighter, pastel tones. Stay away from jewel tones as these look too artsy and contemporary.

Put up a few cloth lampshades.

Look for a few lamps with cloth shades, and place them on your dresser, end table, or night stand. Even if you do not actually use the lamps, the cloth shades are a relic of times past -- especially if they are in cream or tan.

Leave your knickknacks on display.

Instead of tucking everything away neatly, don't be afraid to let a little clutter collect on your shelves. Put souvenirs like sculptures and figurines on your shelves, and keep your jewelry on your dresser in bowls rather than packed away in a jewelry box. Old fashioned styles called for a lot more clutter. Keeping things too neat and minimal will just make your bedroom look more modern.