Outfitting Your Patio for Spring

Four Tips For Creating Your Own Mountain Retreat At Home

by Anne Wells

Whether you own a mountain home or just want to immerse yourself in its relaxing ambiance, rustic home interior design is the perfect way to complement this natural lifestyle. But, how can you create your own perfect rustic home?

Here are 4 tips for any budget.

Incorporate Lots of Woods

Mountain home design naturally features a lot of beautiful wood finishes. Pine furniture is a fantastic and relatively inexpensive choice as a base wood color and texture. It's very accessible and provides a gorgeous light color against which to decorate. Start with one or two statement furniture pieces in each room in a shade that you like. Then, use those as inspiration for color and texture for things like wood trim, walls, ceilings, flooring, and hardware.

Accessorize with Nature

Along with wood furniture and wall schemes, decorate with lots of organic material and greenery that evokes the outdoors. Bring some plants indoors in rustic pots and containers. Include some animal art on your walls. Use winter greenery like branches, winter berries, pine cones, and evergreen limbs as decorative items. You can even decorate with actual logs, tree stumps, or burl slabs. As for the paint color palettes, look for earthy hues.

Dress Up What You Have

If you're on a budget or changing the interior decorating of an existing house, you don't need to run out and break the bank on new furnishings. You may be able to accessorize and adjust many pieces you already own. Have a pine wood cabinet or table that's painted? Try removing the layers of paint and staining the original pine furniture underneath. Have modern living room furniture? Accessorize them with mountain-themed throw blankets and overstuffed pillows.

Start by collecting together your decorations into one place and assessing them to see what can be given a rustic touch and repurposed throughout the home.

Make It Homemade

"Rustic" decorating, by its nature, means opting for items that were made by hand or at least appear made by hand. Quilts and crochet projects are a popular decorating choice, for example. But you can put your own personal stamp on your interior decorating by including artwork made by friends or family, one-of-a-kind table decorations, or hand-carved sculptures. Look for wood furniture made by local artists for a truly special statement piece in any room.

A rustic interior design makeover can transform your home from simply a place to eat and sleep into a haven that you'll love to come home to for years to come. For more information, contact a professional in your area like those found at Monterey Pine Furniture Co.