Outfitting Your Patio for Spring

5 Furniture Trends to Keep in Mind as You Decorate Your Living Room

by Anne Wells

Though furniture plays a role in the interior design of every room, it is the hallmark of design in the living room. Your sofa, entertainment center, coffee table, and other accent furniture really set the scene of the room, with elements like your wall texture and carpet choice playing second fiddle. So, if you're planning on redesigning or redecorating your living room soon, it's important to spend much of your time focusing on furniture. Here are five modern furniture trends to consider working into your scheme.

Florals Paired With Solids

Floral-patterned sofas and lounge chairs may seem a bit outdated, but if you pair just one or two with otherwise solid-colored furniture, you have a very modern, artistic look. Choose a pattern with big, bold flowers, and then pick a color in the flowered pattern to use for the rest of your furnishings. For instance, you may have a cream sofa with pale green leaves and burgundy roses, and then a set of recliners and a chaise in deep burgundy.

Texture, Texture, Texture

Many homeowners these days are using their furniture to add an element of texture to their living rooms. So, if your walls are smooth and you have smooth hardwood floors, you can choose an upholstery material with a rougher, more canvas-like texture. If you like a monochromatic look, in which you use varying shades of the same basic color throughout the room, choosing textured furniture will make the room feel more balanced and warm without forcing you to branch out of this color scheme.

Another way to use texture in your living room furniture is to choose various pieces of furniture in the same color, but in different textures. This way, each piece has its own personality, but they all still "go together."

Eclectic Furniture

If you like the hipster, artistic looks that have become so popular in coffee shops and book stores, why not adopt that same look for your living room? A good way to start is to collect different pieces of mismatching furniture. The goal here is to make each piece as different from the others as possible so that it's obvious that you've mismatched them on purpose -- not by accident. You could have a leather sofa, a recliner upholstered in floral linen with wooden accents, and a chaise lounge in a matte black suede. 

Low Furniture

Being closer to the ground or floor makes many people feel more centered and at-ease. If you like being on or near the floor, then perhaps the trend towards lower living room furniture is one you should buy into. Sofas that sit just inches off the floor come paired with tiny foot stools so you can extend and rest your feet. Pair this sofa with some 1 or 2-foot end tables and a simple TV stand, and you have a very simple, unique living room that's perfect for relaxation.

All-Wood Furniture

Sustainable materials are all the rage thee days, and it's harder to find anything more sustainable than wood. Many furniture manufacturers have begun sourcing their wood from growers who plant a new tree for each one they fell. And, when you're done with wooden furniture, it decomposes naturally -- rather than sitting in a landfill.

There's a unique trend towards using handcrafted, all-wood furniture in living rooms. While coffee tables and end tables made from wood are nothing new, there are sofa-like benches that are carefully shaped to make them as comfortable to sit in as a padded recliner. Choose rustic or contemporary styles based on your taste. Wooden furniture has the added benefit of lasting for years without showing evidence of wear and tear. You can't say that of your average leather sofa.

To learn more about the latest modern trends in living room furniture, reach out to a furniture store like Visions In Contemporary Living.