Outfitting Your Patio for Spring

Beautiful Ideas For A Formal Living Room

by Anne Wells

In some open-plan homes, the whole living area is one continuous room. In more traditional houses, though, you may find yourself with both a living room and a family room. The family room is typically more casual, while the living room is more formal. Formal doesn't mean fussy, though – your living room should still have style. Decorate your living room with stylish formality.

Matching Furniture

Pretty much any furniture style can work in a formal living room as long as it matches. Naturally, one way to achieve this is with a living room set. However, you can also make furniture match by using slipcovers and carefully chosen throw pillows. Additionally, you can show a little creativity in how you match the furniture. For instance, if you have a patterned sofa, you can choose one of the colors in the pattern for a solid-colored chair. Or you could choose a chair in the same pattern but with a different base color.

Antique Rug

Another method for personalizing your space is with a rug. Some homeowners like to keep the rug neutral. However, even in a formal space, the rug can be a conversational piece. For this reason, consider choosing an antique rug. These rugs often come in beautiful, unique designs. You can even use the pattern as the basis for your color scheme. For example, choose colors in the rug for your accent pieces.

Classic Accent Pieces

Speaking of accent pieces, you want to stick with the classics for a formal space. That means you should leave the gallery wall and whimsical statues for the family room. Instead, choose pieces that adhere to a specific color palette and décor style. So, if you're using the antique rug as your palette basis, look for candles, frames, vases and lamps in the target colors. Alternatively, you could choose a theme, such as French country, and decorate with those pieces. In that case, you'll decorate with the same kind of accent pieces but look for ones with dainty French designs.

Customized Draperies

Along with the rug, the window treatments help pull your whole décor together. Better Homes and Gardens suggests hanging draperies that are elegant and sophisticated. This means your draperies should be customized to fit your window. What's more, look for curtain panels with precise pleating rather than casual folds. Layered treatments also look more formal. So, in addition to the curtain panels, plan to hang blinds or shades for light control. You can also top the look with a cornice or valance for a beautifully layered effect.

Keep your living room stylish while decorating for a formal ambiance.