Outfitting Your Patio for Spring

Why Every Pregnant Woman Should Consider An Adjustable Bed

Have you recently discovered that you’re going to have a baby? If so, your nights are likely going to start feeling a whole lot longer. Pregnancy symptoms such as back aches and heartburn lead many women to have trouble sleeping while carrying their babies. Fortunately, you can help fight off future sleepless nights by investing in an adjustable bed; here’s why every pregnant woman should have one. They Alleviate Common Symptoms Of Pregnancy Heartburn. During pregnancy, your body boosts its production of a hormone called progesterone. While this hormone plays an important role in a healthy pregnancy, it also relaxes the valve between your esophagus and your stomach. A relaxed esophagus, coupled with increased pressure on the intestines and stomach from a growing uterus, usually leads to heartburn, and lots of it. Heartburn is most likely to strike in your third trimester, and it will probably be worst at night when you’re lying down and much of your extra weight is pushing down on your belly. How can an adjustable bed help? An adjustable bed would allow you to keep the upper portion of your bed raised while you sleep, thus keeping your esophagus higher than your stomach. In this position, gravity will naturally help stop your stomach acid from rising into your esophagus and causing heartburn. For future reference, you’ll want to adjust the head of your bed to be about 11 inches higher than the foot of it when it comes time to seek heartburn relief. Back Pain. As time grows closer to the delivery of your child, the ligaments in your pelvic area will soften, and your pelvic... read more

Faberge Eggs – Four Historic Reasons They Remain The Ultimate Easter Gift

The designs for the Faberge eggs were influenced by the elaborately painted hard-boiled eggs given as gifts for  Russian Orthodox Easter. Faberge eggs are crafted of precious metals, gemstones and delicate enameling work. Below is a bit of history about these rare and expensive eggs. which helps explain why they still make the ultimate Easter gift. Compelling Egg History Jeweler Peter Carl Faberge created his eggs between 1885 and 1917. His most famous clients were the Russian Tsars Alexander III and Nicolas II, who ordered the eggs each Easter for their loved ones.  Only 50 of these “Imperial Faberge Eggs” were made, with 43 still accounted for. The Russian Revolution suspended further production. Faberge also made eggs for a few wealthy private clients, including the Rothchild family and the Duchess of Marlborough. The Rothschild’s egg is in the Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg, Russia, and the rest remain in private hands but keep an eye out at sites like http://buckscountyestatetraders.com/. They might show up. Hidden Surprise Inside Faberge eggs are not only cherished for their beauty, but for the surprises that were hidden inside many of them. Some of the most intricate were: The Hen Egg – 1885 The first egg was a gift from Tsar Alexander III to Tsarina Maria Fedorovna, who was born in Denmark. The “egg within an egg” design mirrored an egg in the Danish royal collection and originally had a ruby crown and pendant. The gold and white eggs survived, but the rest was lost in the 1920s. The Hen Egg is in the collection of Viktor Vekselberg. The Rosebud Egg – 1895 A... read more

This winter has been an especially long one for me. Because I live in the southern United States, I generally don’t have to worry about snowstorms or ice storms during winter. Often, I can walk around outside with a short sleeved shirt on. However, this winter has been different. I’ve felt cold almost every day. Therefore, I’m ready for the warmer weather of spring. During this special time of the year, many people enjoy lounging on their patios with family members and friends. If this scenario sounds familiar, consider outfitting your patio with some new colorful furniture this spring. You might enjoy those long afternoon barbecues even more than you normally do if you’re sitting on a new comfortable sofa. On this blog, you will learn how to outfit your patio for spring.